Monday, April 8, 2013

Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany 3/20/2013 before getting 1st area assignments

"The picture of the soap dispenser is kind of an inside joke of a few Elders who arrived that day, especially Elder McGinn. It was in the bathroom of our hotel room and although we were all in different rooms, (I was actually the odd Elder out, so I didn't get a roomy that night) we all could not get the soap out, like we had NO idea, even with the diagram on the front because all the soap/handsanitizer dispensers at the MTC are either automatic or there's a tab to pull on the bottom. Actually, you just simply squeeze squeeze the middle, but when I finally did try that after about 10 minutes, I squeezed really hard and got a nice fat glob of soap that was probably enough to wash whole floor with.
The light switch in the room was also really cool. There was a slot right next to it to slide your key into, and nothing would turn on without it in place, and just the same, everything would turn off immediately when you pulled the card out. It was fun. Oh, yea and the box right next to the card slot is the actual switch for some individual light. They work just the same, it's not a button, they're just fat squares instead of skinny rectangles."

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