Monday, April 8, 2013

Some pictures prior to leaving the MTC

 These next several pictures are some we got that are from prior to Mark's leaving the MTC.  This first one is him with Elder Malmberg from his BYU Helaman Halls Merrill Hall freshman ward.
 This second one is of Mark with Elder McGinn who worked at the BYU Carpentry shop with Mark's brother David (and probably Garrett, too)...most all of the Standring boys have worked for the Carpentry Shop there! (The stamped dates on the pictures are wrong, by the way...perhaps Mark hasn't figured out or taken time to change the date!--They are super busy there, you know!)  Mark says: "This is Elder McGinn, who David knows from the Carpentry shop, he's actually in my same district right now, so I see him now and again."
 This is Mark and another Elder in front of the Provo Temple--if someone knows the Elder's name, let us know!  I couldn't read the nametag!
Mark says about this one: "This is a picture of the German Elders in my room and the crazy Russian Elders who also lived on our floor. We're buds now. :)"  [I think it's great to see that at least one of them is brushing his teeth while away from home!!  :) ]

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