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Industrial-Size Whipped Cream, Wimpy McFlurries, the King James Bible & giving out a Book of Mormon! --April 22, 2013

Apr. 22, 2013--First off, Mom, the Assistants sent out an email saying it would be okay to talk on the 5th or 19th if the 12th doesn't work for Mother's Day. And we sent him an email about whether it's ok or not to use Google Hangout [so many different family members in various places can all be on to talk at once] instead of Skype. My trainer Elder Davis thinks it will be.

    Wow, I have super less time today than normal. I'm going to share a quick story and some pictures and then I have to go. Oh, and I got an email from Elder Travis Stacey today, so I was super excited about that, and thanks for the pictures of David in BYU Folk Dance.

     Ok, this week something happened that I think my companion thought was pretty bad, but it seemed to me like it was the guidance of the spirit and that it was really good. We had a second appointment with a family who we're really excited about, because they're really, really searching for the truth, but they also are not sure yet whether they believe in God. So, we were arriving to the appointment really early, and I had to go to the bathroom, so we found a bathroom I could use, and while I was busy, Elder Davis started talking to a man who had an English Bible with him. It was the King James version of the Bible, which isn't available in German. They talked about how many things have been taken out of the Bible when I got out I was amazed that I could feel the spirit testifying to me while the man was talking about how Jesus really is the son of God. I know this man loves the Savior and I also know that no book on Earth will bring a person closer to the Savior than the Book of Mormon will, so I offered the man a Book of Mormon and testified of the power of the Holy Ghost (which he agreed with) to guide us and tell us what is truth. At first he said that he didn't like "secondary materials" and that all he needed was the Bible, but we testified to him again and he agreed to take it and pray about it. We ended up being about a half an hour late to our appointment and nobody answered the door, but we gave that man our number, and even though he hasn't called us yet, I've been praying that the Holy Ghost will help him to find the truth and closeness with the Savior that he is looking for. I know that if ANYone really prays about the Book of Mormon, they will receive a witness from the Holy Ghost, and I know that man would become such a strong member if he will just open to that bookmarked page we gave him and read that one verse, Moroni 10:4, but I also know that God will force no man to accept him, so I hope his heart will be softened to receive the joy of this gospel.
[The pictures are of a Milka McFlurry from a German McDonald's (pretty wimpy if you ask me) and this whipped cream can that was like industrial size at a member's house in Euskirchen. Apparently you can only get them if you own a restaurant or some kind of business.
Ya so pretty much about that whipped cream can, when they first brought it out I thought it was a fire extinguisher, that's how hard core it is. I want one.]

[This is my distrikt leader, Elder Divver, in Köln. He's (two v's, not a w) from Salt Lake. He's crazy, but he's awesome, so he's crazy awesome.]

PS President Schwarz just texted us that Google Hangout is ok. :D

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