Thursday, December 31, 2015

February 27, 2015--Elder Mark Standring Homecoming Day!! (Part 1) Flying Home!

Younger Brother Daniel has February 27th, 2015 MARKED down as a Red-Letter Day!!
Building in Dortmund, Germany Elder Mark Standring left from...Nervierstrasse 23
Nervierstrasse--The street in Dortmund, Germany Elder Mark Standring left from...
Flight Tracking Elder Standring's return flight home from Germany

First Photo of Elder Mark Standring back in the USA, greeted during layover in San Francisco by our friends the Allens (Racer here) who texted this picture!
Younger brother Daniel reacts happily, seeing text about Elder Mark Standring back in the USA!

Elder Mark Standring arrives home to Crescent City!! Mark drapes younger brother Daniel with a big German flag at the Crescent City airport, as Dad displays the Welcome Home sign in German that he made for him.

Brothers greet each other in person at Crescent City airport after Mark's 2-year absence!

Dad hand-made this sign in German for Elder Mark Standring's Crescent City airport homecoming!

Sister Dolly Noon and Danny Fry's whole family including their new baby were among friends who came to greet Elder Standring at the airport, despite the hour delay into the late evening.

Elder Mark was so happy to speak German with Sandra Nelson at the airport since his "hardest" thing on getting back to the US was that "no one was speaking German anymore"!

Friends James and Hana try to help get Mark's sister Kira connected on facetime or google hangout to join in the welcome at the airport.
Loading up at the airport into the family's Prius (obtained while Mark was away in Germany).
 Heading over to our local church building to meet with the Stake President who came up from Humboldt County to meet with Elder Mark Standring.
"Hey, it's my missionary plaque on the church wall!"

The missionary bulletin board showing clock times in places including Germany.

The Stake President Lee Iorg came all the way up from Humboldt County to meet with Elder Mark Standring for his missionary release.

Oldest brother Jimmer and his family including new baby Mazy, talk to us and to sister Kira in Utah on facetime, while Elder Standring meets with the Stake President.
Elder Standring's Mission Release Certificate

Elder Standring's Missionary tag, books and release letter.


 Our family with newly released returned missionary Mark Standring in the Bishop's office.

Next step--Heading for our home!!!

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