Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 3

Yea, thanks so much! I got all those mail-items you mentioned, the candy-cookies package, the postcard from Colorado, and my Vibrams! (I think I already told you that of the four missionaries in my "residence", three have Vibram Fivefinger shoes! That's not an accurate ratio of the whole MTC, though, I think I've only seen a couple other missionaries with fivefingers besides us.)
Everything is really changing at the MTC. I didn't know this before I came, but the 90-something Deutscher missionaries
are doubling our missions. Most of the Europeans are going to the Alpine mission, since Americans aren't really getting into 'der Schweiz' (d-air Sch-white-ts) right now, but hopefully that will change really soon. There is one English Elder going to the Frankfurt mission, named Elder Smith. I'll try to get a picture with him this next week, so Kira can see him. He's really awesome, and he says some funny stuff.
There's about 800-900 new missionaries coming in every week I think, so the MTC is getting pretty crowded. Email/Laundry time is the worst. Most "residence"s are getting an extra bunkbed because of that (ours hasn't, yet). Right now there's a little more than 3000 missionaries in the MTC, which is the most EVER. That's nothing compared to the 8,000 that will be here in the summer. Like I said, everything is really changing.
Love you all so much,
~Elder Standring

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