Sunday, January 19, 2014

Elder Mark Standring's view from high rise apartment in Koln, Germany! [from March 2013]

"And then this is where I live. You can barely see the Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom) behind me in the distance, so I included another one of the view.
Our actual mailing address is:
Elder Mark Standring
Luxemburgerstr.124 apt. #912
50939 Köln

 We live at the stop labelled Weisshaus-str. (White House Street), so you can see how close/far we live to the Cathedral. 
This second picture is pretty much the where we spend all of our time: in Trains, aka Bahns/Zuge. Köln is the biggest area in the mission, so we have to jump around a lot. We make it work out though, and we just talk to people while they ride, instead of on the street.Well, I really have to go now, we're going to play soccer with Se'a, Abraham, and friends in about 5 minutes, so Tschüss!!!!!
I love you all so much!"

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