Sunday, January 12, 2014

Missionaries during travel to new areas in Germany (Elder Standring with Elders Lake Davis and others) from March 2013

Elder Standring's comments: "Oh, and a random side note. In this picture of Elder Manzke (glasses) and Elder Lake (Blonde), over Elder Lake's other shoulder is the face of the third Germany-going Elder Noorda from the MTC. He's only distantly related to the twins :) [known from BYU].
Elder Lake was new, because he got fast-tracked (he already had the German down). I met Elder Manzke when the plane first landed in Frankfurt, and I was in the group that helped put all the luggage into the moving van (you already have a picture of that). We became friends right away, and I found out he's actually German, but he's not serving a mission in Germany. He's been assigned to the Lisbon, Portugal mission, but he wanted to come in early, so he's serving a sort of mini-mission for 6 weeks before he reports to the Spain MTC for two weeks and then goes to Portugal. He's part Brazilian, so he already knows Portugal (and spanish; we talked), so the next thing I found out, is that he's also from Köln (Cologne). This was before I knew I would be assigned to Köln and actually before President Schwarz knew too, so we just talked about how I'd been there once before when I was a freshman in High School. So ya, he lives in Köln, and obviously, so does his family. They even have the missionaries over every Monday for dinner, and so I met them last week (and at church). The Manzke family kind of has two ''adopted'' sons too, Se'a and Abraham who are about my age, and just kinda live in Germany. They don't live with the Manzke's but they also come over every Monday for dinner. Se'a is Japanese doesn't speak German, and Abraham is Mexican and only speaks spanish. :) Elder Davis and I are actually about to play soccer with them in about half an hour to see if any of their soccer friends are interested in learning about the Gospel! It works out though, because Se'a kinda speaks spanish, and is fluent in English (lived in Redding California for a couple years going to Shasta College) so they two and the Manzke's get along really well, speaking spanish together and all ... in Germany, haha. I could understand sometimes, but most of the time, the other missionaries, and I would try to cut in with a bit of German and figure out what was all going on. Yep. Love the Manzke Family."

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