Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10/29/13 A Miracle, the Frankfurt Temple and Baptism pictures!

A miracle happened this week!

After all the leadership meetings with President Schwartz and the zone leaders this last weekI was really trying to think and pray to figure out what Heavenly Father wanted to be taught in the district meeting, but everytime I made a possible plan, I didn't feel a confirmation on it even if it was a really good idea. So it got to be only a couple days before district meeting and I knew I had to wait for Heavenly Father to give me the okay, because Saul didn't wait for the Lord and offered sacrifice before Samuel got there and everything was ruined for him, so I definitely didn't want that for me or my district, and Heavenly Father knows better what my district needs anyway. So, I waited. Finally figured something out that was really focused on our mission's goals and initiatives and hope and how we are going to acheive these great things.

Now, here's the miracle:
As district meeting was happening, it was going really well and the Spirit was really strong testifying to us that this is a great work as we were talking about how it doesn't matter how much more it may seem we have to do because Heavenly Father is changing everything. Then as my new companion was bearing his testimony, in the middle of it, a man walked right into our district meeting and asks if he can get some more information about the church! 

He was talked to right away, and he came back for a church tour and took a Book of Mormon and wants to learn more!

I know that Heavenly Father is hastening his work and the whole thing is changing, and even if it looks hard, we don't need to worry because He is in control and he's bring new people right into the churches and old people too!

As far as other big things that happened this week, Lamar was baptised last Sunday, which was also Stake Conference, and he'll get confirmed this coming Sunday, Elder Freitag left for the MTC so he can start his real mission in the Ogden Utah mission (he was waiting on his American visa), and I went to the Frankfurt Temple for the first time today, so this has been a really great week. This next week may be hard just because our star investigator, left for the week, so we'll try meeting with some of the other one's who just aren't as excited (this is the guy who called us because he had our number but didn't know who it was, so he called and then when he learned it was the number for the missionaries, he wanted to meet with us), and we're starting to focus a lot on helping the ward here with Home Teaching.

miracles happen every day if you look for them
Elder Mark Standring

Hi, so I was finally able to get the pictures from our baptism with Lamar! It was one of his good friends in the Darmstadt ward who baptised him, not one of the missionaries, which is good, because we don't stay long, so Lamar will have that connection with a good lifelong friend.

~Elder Mark Standring

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