Saturday, February 28, 2015

9-4-14 Birthday! and transfer to Dortmund!

Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday congratulations! It was a great day! I was on a companion exchange with one of the missionaries from Solingen who was with me on my flight over to Germany. To celebrate we made a very German meal for lunch and I loved it, definitely the best self-made lunch I've ever had, or at least in memory. We made Knödel, a German dumpling out of potato and/or flour, Rotkohl, German red cabbage (with sugar and fruit mixed in, so it was actually like my favorite part), Rostbratwurst, which is basically a really big German sausage for grilling, and just normal scrambled eggs. LOVED it!

As for this week, we spent probably 30~ish hours moving this family we're teaching. They're from Togo. The ward was really supportive and helped a whole bunch during the week, but unfortunately there's still a ton to do, so that will probably go on more after I've left for Dortmund.

This Saturday was the transfer call and I found out the Lord needs me in Dortmund!

In January, I had every intention that I was going to stay in Wuppertal until the rest of the year/ the end of my mission, and I almost did! But the Lord knows me and he knows his children, so I'm very excited to be heading to Dortmund, even though I loved being in Wuppertal as well. In Dortmund I get to work with Elder Kitchen, who was trained by a missionary I trained a year ago... That will be fun. :) And that city is where the Stake Center is, so the Zone Leaders are also in that city. I'm not sure if there are even more missionaries in Dortmund. but I guess I'll find out on Friday. Transfers will be on Friday instead of Thursday this time around because there will be a misison conference (~250 missionaries) on Friday to hear from Elder Ballard, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I'm am absolutely stoked for that; he spoke to us in the Missionary Training Center too. So ya, transfers will be on Friday so people don't have to move all over the country twice in one week, and then Sunday will be Stake Conference!

~Elder Standring

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