Saturday, February 21, 2015

6/24/13--Castle at Bonn!--"Dragon Stone"--AND 4 "Generations" in one photo!

We had a Zone P-Day last week, where we went down to Bonn and ate pizza 

and climbed up this massive hill to see this Castle called Drachenfels, which means DragonStone!

I don't think the Castle is actually very old, so maybe it's like a Gatsby mansion, but it was still really cool to go there.

So ya, not quite as cool as Neuschwannstein 5 years ago, but still way cool. Here's a view from the top tower.

Yesterday Elder Hawker and I were having a lesson with a guy named Amir, who we're not completely sure if he's interested in the Gospel or if he just wants to talk to us so he can learn English better, but we're trying to see if he'll keep commitments and we'll judge whether or not to Tschüss him based on that and the spirit. He's been having a hard time understanding how we pray. At first when we gave him a book of Mormon, he asked us how he should choose a verse to say as his prayer at night, so we had to explain that to him too, and we taught him to understand that prayers can be about anything and they come from what we are really feeling in thinking. I wasn't sure if he'd got it, but at the end of the lesson yesterday, he brought out a piece of paper that he had written something on, and he folded his arms as he started to read it and pray. It's interesting how something can seem so simple if you've been taught it all your life, but foreign to others who didn't grow up the same. I didn't care about any of that though, because what he'd actually had written down was so heartfelt and sincere that I actually felt the spirit from it. There's probably still a lot that we need to help him understand, but it was definitely a good experience for Elder Hawker as a solid lesson where we taught as a team and had there spirit there to confirm our message.
Bytheway, Elder Hawker is really excited to teach investigators and find new people. It's great! We were walking along a road on Saturday and saw some people on a low balcony so we started talking to them, and they simply invited us into their home right then! They told us that we could come by again because they're always there, so we went back again yesterday and invited them to this activity we're having on Friday. It's a Kultur Abend, so all the people in the ward bring some food from wherever they or their ancestors are from, and then we're going to have a jeopardy/travia game there too.

That last picture is of 4 generations of Missionary training. My trainer's trainer, my trainer, me, and my Golden!

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