Wednesday, February 18, 2015

6/10/13--Elder Standring's a "Trainer" now!

I have very very little time to email today because of transfers. Normally we'd go to the mission home on Wednesday, but we're going down early this time, and our train leaves in about half an hour at 1:30pm.

Ummm so I'm staying in Köln, but Elder Davis is going to Wuppertal, so I'll be getting a new companion, but I don't know who yet, because... he's coming straight from the MTC... I'm training.

This Saturday was our transfer call, so 1. I became not-a-greenie-anymore 2. My trainer is going to another area and I'm training!!! Gah!! Haha, I was actually way excited when I found out, but it's a bit scary thinking about it more, especially because of the way the Mission President called me up and said (in a sweet German/Schwarzenegger accent) "Elder Standring, are you ready for an Adventure?"

~Elder Standring

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