Saturday, February 28, 2015

11/17/14 Essen=Food! & Train station and sign

We had a zone training meeting in Essen this week. That was interesting, because of, one, the name of the city, two, I've been to the city, but never used the subway system there or seen the church building. I'll include some pictures about that.

(Sign interpretation?="Sänk ju for trewelling wiss Tschörmänn Treyn" = "Thank you for travelling with German Train"
Haha (with a really think German accent)! Deutsche Bahn = German Train, and DB is the company that runs the entire train system here. There's basically only one; it's not like flying where there's different airlines.)

Also, I'm not sure I whether or not to be proud of this, but I finally succeeded in bursting my shoes open in the middle of playing soccer this week. Heh heh, I got a picture of that, too. Thusly, part of this p-day will be spent in search of a suitable replacement. 

We met with William again, our friend who's preparing to be baptised on December 20th. We meant to meet on Friday, but the poor guy didn't get home from his small job until 11pm that night, so we met the next day and taught him the plan of happiness and about the word of wisdom. We're praying so hard for him that he'll get enough sleep and have the energy to get everything with studying and working done. I tell you though, he's working so hard. He's awesome.

All is going well, but I keep looking for to try harder. I'm loving it here, my companion is great, he basically knows German already! A lot more than I did. He's going to sound like a native speaker long before the end of his mission! I always think it's so funny how I took Spanish in high school, but most missionaries here took German! At least I've used what little Spanish I know. One of our solid investigators right now we met on the street because I asked him if he speaks Spanish, and there's a couple members here too who speak Spanish as well. Spanish is a great language. German is too. I just don't know who I'll be able to use it with in America besides Sandra (from Dad's office, Dad, people from my mission, and maybe Garrett.

~Elder Standring

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