Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10/14/13 Staying put through transfers, mission now has 8 zones, and more training coming

Transfer calls were this Saturday, and we found out a lot of new changes are happening in the mission. There used to be 7 zones in the mission, but the Frankfurt zone split, so now there are eight. Also our district is getting split so one of the missionaries that used to be in my district is now a district leader as well. Now my district is just the city of Darmstadt, but it's still a big district because we|re getting two more sisters, so that's 2 elder pairs, 2 sister pairs, and a senior couple. That's 10 missionaries in one city! It's great! We also set up another baptismal date for the American who was going to get baptised in September. It's not the last weekend of Oktober, so it'd be great if y'all could pray for him, too! 
love you all!

Oh, and Elder Freitag will be heading out to the MTC soon, and Elder Parkinson is going to the city of Usingen. So I'm staying and I'll be training again.
love ya, bye!

~Elder Standring

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