Thursday, February 26, 2015

1/27/2014 New calling in Wuppertal Ward!--Elder's Quorum!

Last week, the stake president asked if he could meet with us a half an hour before the normal church meetings were supposed to start, and we agreed. He interviewed me and asked if I would be the first counselor in the elder's quorum.

I've never heard of that happening in a bishop-ward before, in a branch sure, but not wards. But I accepted the calling. He'd talked with President Schwartz about it a lot, so President Schwartz prepared me a little bit for it without telling me what might happen. He gave me little hints and told me I would get a special calling in my new area when he had an interview with me the day before and when he called me in Darmstadt to release me as district leader. Either he or Stake President Csiezla later told me they had been talking about it as far back as October and they prayed about it and felt strongly that this is what they should do. I'm not really sure why a missionary would get a calling like that instead of a member, but I trust in the Lord, and I trust his servants. It seems I will likely be staying in Wuppertal for a long time now.

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