Saturday, February 28, 2015

9/29/14 Flying Rhinos!...and other miracles

This week Elder Kitchen and I have seen a ton of miracles. During a companion exchange we decided to call up a woman in the ward who was baptised last December  and it turned out she'd been trying to get a priesthood blessing from someone because she'd be going into the hospital the very next day. We also been dedicating more time to finding more people who are interested in the church, and we've been asking the members of the ward/congregation to assist us with the power of prayer as we do it. It works. I can only say, it works. 3 for 3, even if at first we think it failed, there's been unexplainable twists or surprises that are simply miraculous!

~Elder Standring

ps this is a picture of the city Dortmund's mascot... a rhino with wings.

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