Thursday, February 26, 2015

3/10/14 Gardening...and giving back to the members with pulled pork, etc.

Tomorrow is going to Zone Training again and the week after that is Zone Conference, so I'm excited for that. I'm not so certain myself what all the differences between those two are, but probably the biggest one is that the mission president and the office people all are there during zone conference.

This past week we had a fireside where we wanted to give the ward members a favor back for feeding us so many meals, so we served them dinner afterwards. My companion is a really good cook, and had this recipe for pulled pork he wanted to use, so we used that and a few sides like baked beans, coleslaw, fruit salad, and some deserts.

We also had a lot of fun helping with some good garden work. A family in our ward just bought a garden allotment not too long ago, and the previous owner had some interesting ideas of how to keep a garden, so there's a whole bunch of work to do. We're basically redoing the whole thing from square one. There was a big hill of dirt on one side of the garden that the wife really wanted to disappear, so I went to work on the thing and shortly found out why the pile was so big. The guy had used it to bury/hide stuff or something. Either that, or it was a compost pile that he never rotated and just kept piling junk on. I found a bucket in that thing, the weighted base of an umbrella, and a ton of random heavy blocks. Who knows, maybe he was planning on building a pyramid. Anyway, after I started taking out the stuff in there, the amount of dirt turned out to not be nearly as much as it'd looked like. I think that's probably like a lot of our problems in life, that it just looks bad and it won't be nearly as hard as it looks like, almost like if someone was afraid of running into tumble weeds on the highway.
~Elder Standring

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