Thursday, February 26, 2015

4/14/14 "Something Spiritual about Suits" poster & Plan des Glücklichseins

I thought I'd send  this to everybody, this is something I saw that I really liked. The Elders in Mönchen Gladbach (in the area of Düsseldorf) made this poster as a parody of a advertisement for the Show "Suits". The normal advertisement says Da ist etwas geniales im Anzug
which means "There is something Genius in/about Suits". They changed it to say Da ist etwas geistiges im Anzug, thusly "There is something Spiritual in/about Suits" --> Missionaries. :D

They hung the Picture up in their church building.

Thank you so much, or thank the Young Women so much for sending that Plan of Salvation [Plan des Glücklichseins]  in German!!!

I honestly had one that I'd drawn myself, but it didn't look very good and I hadn't even finished it completely. AND I used it all the very same day I got it in the mail with a non-member Family from Togo. It was a great lesson, and the Bishop came with us. We talked about the Spirit world and what Jesus did during the three days between his death and resurrection. They know the bible, but they had never read that or heard anything like that before in their lives, so it was really great.

thank you so much and I love and pray for you and the Family everyday!
~Elder Mark Standring

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