Monday, February 23, 2015

7/29/2013 The lovely country living! Another twin (Asian this time) for Elder Standring & Soccer security!

This last week we started noticing that everyone is going on vacation, including all of our investigators except one. However, with the members of the ward who are still here, we started going to visit them, just to let them know about the new part of the Church Website, Hastening the Work of Salvation, and also talking to them to see who already has Preach My Gospel manuals and who would like one that doesn't have one already. One of those families included the ward organ player. He lives way out of the City in a beautiful place called Windeck or Sieg (I can't remember which, because they're so close to one another). It really reminded me of home, and it was great how much I felt like I was back in a rainforest. And his house was huge. I think living in a house in Germany is a big deal because he himself said he never expected to live in a house or have a dog, but now he has both! I don't think I would want to live in Köln if I were ever to move to Germany, but I might live in an area like where he lived.

Also this week I met another "twin" guy, but this time he was from China (or Japan?) instead of Switzerland. I didn't think we looked a lot alike, but Elder Hawker did, so we took a picture. His name I think is Oshiya.

AND soccer season has started here, so yesterday, my greenie and I were headed to go-by a less active's house and went right by the stadium just as the game was getting over.

There were police EVERYWHERE, but there were even more people just walking around in red and white (FC Köln). They really weren't as crazy and unruly as I expected European soccer fans to be, but the train got way, way crowded on the way back. We didn't really do much as we were riding through on the train-- the less-active answered the door, but said to our face "nobody is home", haha. That was a first for me, but it will probably happen a lot more.

Love Love Love,
~Elder Mark Standring

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