Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/16/15 Vorletzte = Penultimate

I made a pleasant discovery this morning.

I'm not too fond of packing, and I escpecially dislike the awkward period between finishing packing and actually leaving, but I did a practice run this morning to see how things will fit and it looks like I'll be able to fit everything and only need one checked bag! (personal and carry-bag too) I was worried because after two years you tend to accumulate things, and I didn't know how heavy the bags would be either. I weighed in this morning with both bags being under 18kg ~ 40 lbs, which is the weight limit for the carry-on (the checked bags allow 23kg ~ 50 lbs). Not bad if I say so myself.

Pack Light, Travel Light.

As far as the work goes, I went on two companionship exchanges this week, one in Dortmund and one in Siegen. In Siegen we talked to a lady walking her baby stroller up a hill and told her who we are and what we do, she said right away she'd love to meet with us and hear our message about Christ and modern-day prophets. It's moments like those that really help me remember I'm a messenger of Jesus Christ, called by a prophet of God, and what that means to me. It's sad, but Christ wasn't accepted very well at all by his own people. If we open up our lives to Christ when he knocks, he will come and dwell with us and bless our lives.

~Elder Mark Standring

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