Sunday, February 22, 2015

7/15/2013 Snowballs with flour and pantyhose!--Plus crepes!

I don't have time to email a whole lot right now, but we're really excited for an activity we're having tomorrow. We're having a snowball fight in summer! We took panty hose, put flour in it, and tied them up into balls, and we have 300 of them! Our whole district is inviting everybody they can and we have about 60 people will be there! The picture is of all panty hose and HALF the flour we had for the activity.

Also we recently had a zone training meeting and as part of that we thought up things we could do for our wards so what we decided is:
~For every member appointment/eating appointment, we will do a roleplay.
~For every member appointment/eating appointment we will teach either about the atonement or the restoration.
~We want every family in the ward have a Preach My Gospel book.
~We are going to give a less-than-5-minute Success Story every week in Priesthood meeting (we've approved it with the ward council)
~We are going to call the hometeachers of every member we visit, before we get there and ask what we can help with, and then again after to report how it went.
~We are going to call somebody in the ward every time we go to an investigator lesson or a less-active/part-member-family lesson and ask them to pray for us, then report how it goes.
~I have made a plan, this week, to read the BOM on every train I get on and share everytime I read a meaningful or powerful scripture, then the next week I will invite everyone in Priesthood meeting to do it with me for a week, and call me to say how it goes.
~The ward council is also planning a river beach outing on August 3., so we'll be doing as much as we can to support that and help it be a great activity.
                                                               Oh yea, we made crepes! 

Love you all, I pray for you night and day!
~Elder Standring

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