Thursday, February 26, 2015

12/23/13--Christmas time is here! (& Christmas Market Pictures!)

Surprisingly enough, it's not snowing here.
And besides that, it's only snowed lightly twice since I've come to Germany in March, but maybe it will be one of those magic moments when I wake up on Christmas Day and find everything turned white overnight. For some reason when I imagine Winter I always thought December was the middle and coldest of it. Furthermore, when I'd think of Germany I always thought it was one of the coldest places on the Earth and that it would be snowing like crazy.

This past week President Schartz came and did interviews at our district meeting, so that was really sweet. He's super busy, so even though Darmstadt is really close to Frankfurt, I'm really grateful he took the time to come see how we're doing.

For pretty much every day this week, there's a family of the ward who's invited us over so we'll be well  taken care of. I love this city. I love being a missionary. You might actually consider it a lot like a spiritual hospital, like Jesus himself said in Mark 2:17. We just help nurse people back to health.


Reusable handwarmers!

Candied apple, not just caramel!

God bless all and have a wonderful Christmas season!

~Elder Mark Standring

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