Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5/27/13--Mission President at district meeting in Bonn, AND splits with Zone Leader, AND also musings about doing well...

It always seems like there's not much time to write emails and even less to write letters,but I'll write a bit about what went on lately. Even though we didn't do really great on our numbers, Elder Davis and I really learned a lot about what we can change to push the work forward better. Our Mission President was there at the District Meeting Tuesday in Bonn; everybody I talked to agreed it was so spiritually uplifting, especially the interviews. I didn't mention this at the time, but much of the counsel he gave me was the same counsel given in my Patriarchal Blessing. It shows so much as an example that he lives so that Heavenly Father can teach through him, that he listens to the Holy Ghost to help us.
The other event this week that was really useful to my learning was a split with my Zone Leader, Elder Ockey. He is so humble, yet so bold and faithful in his teaching. He showed me a level of missionary work I hadn't seen before, so it was priceless to knowing what to work for, what to improve in myself. Also something he said really really struck me that I hadn't considered before. He asked the question, "How can we expect Heavenly Father to find the people the Lord has prepared when we don't even to talk to the people who he does put in front of us." I need to talk to more people and he showed me a few ways to do that. He also gives a Pass-Along Card to everyone he talks to, which I had not thought of doing at all. I pray the that I will be strengthened through the Atonement of Jesus Christ to do what I want to, just like in the Elder Bednar video clip President Schwartz showed us at the District Meeting. All my life I feel I've never done anything really well, only kind of well, because I couldn't decide on one sport or one instrument or one school subject I wanted to focus on. But I know this work is what I want to focus on. I have prepared for these two years my whole life, and I've wanted to be here for so long, that I cannot let this be something I will do only kind of well. This will be something I will finally be great at. I will not allow it to be otherwise. I want to help so badly. I think that's been part of what's been hard for me lately. I've been trying too hard, even though I should be diligent, this past week has taught me that I still need to power of the Atonement to do this thing. I'm going to pray every morning and night for that power, that Heavenly Father will loosen my mouth and speak through me to teach these people, because I know now that I can't do it alone.

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