Saturday, February 28, 2015

10/5/14 How about that general conference!

Yep, it was a really great conference! I especially liked the talks from Elder Christofferson in the saturday morning session and President Uchtdorf in the priesthood session, and Elder Klebingat's talks.

Funny how the Redwood trees somehow manage to always come up. It seems like Germany is usually mentioned quite a lot too.

Yep, the highlight of this week was definitely the general conference broadcasts where the prophet and leadership of the church speak to the world. I think a couple of the biggest themes I noticed this time around were being valiant/strengthening one's testimony in Jesus Christ and helping and caring for others especially the poor and the needy.

These pictures are of my companion and bud, Elder Kitchen, and of the meal we had together between the sessions of the conference. The meal was mostly people who were watching in english, which wasn't only the missionaries, but there were also some native germans who came in too. The others, and even one pair of daring missionaries were in the bigger room for the broadcast, the chapel, listening in German.

During a companion exchange this week, we had the opportunity to teach a german family about the book of mormon. In part of the lesson, I asked the mother what her experience had been with prayer, if she'd ever gotten an answer to a prayer. She and her daughter were on the verge of tears as she told how God has blessed and strengthen them through hard times. I know toothat there is a god who loves us. He is our father. He will give us answers to our prayers him. 

~Elder Standring

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