Saturday, February 28, 2015

10/20/14 Dortmund basement service project...and continued miracles!

This week all 6 of the missionaries in Dortmund got to help a member of our congregation with a super fun project. He has a house he's fixing up and there was a bunch of junk in the basement, so he had us clear it out and put it in a dumpster!

(BTWs, the guy coming out of the hole is my companion, Elder Kitchen, from Provo, Utah)

There's actually a couple videos of us smashing up stuff to make it fit in the dumpster, but I think they're too big to email :(

I'll also include a picture of our dinner we had two nights ago: Mexican food!!! 

With homemade tortillas!!!

I've been loving this new area so much! There's been so many awesome experiences! We've designated one of our walls "the miracle wall", where we tape up 3x5 cards with a short summary of everytime we see a miracle. This one will be going up this week!

We randomly met this Latino guy Leo on the street a couple weeks back and he's been coming to our FHE, but hasn't showed much real interest and has had to work 6 days a week anyway. He had a break on Saturday though and came to the Saturday session of stake conference with us. Afterwards, we met with him and saw that he could really use a priesthood blessing. He at first didn't want it, but we kept asking as we listened to him vent about his problems. Probably about the tenth time, we instead asked if we could pray together that he'd have the faith and strength to accept a priesthood blessing, and he agreed. After we prayed, he talked a little more, but less, and then we were able to give him a blessing.

At the end of the blessing, he didn't say anything, but stayed sitting and hugged our sides. We asked him how he felt and he said he felt like he'd just taken a heavy backpack off his shoulders. The holy spirit was so strong. We decided to invite him to be baptised too. Before when we'd asked, he didn't even consider it, but this time he carefully said, "I want to say yes... but I have to think about it." !!!!!!

It's a miracle! We're going to see him tonight at FHE again, and we're going to follow-up with what he's decided!

My testimony of prayer and the priesthood has grown so much this week!

It's great here, we keep seeing miracles, and I'm loving it!


~Elder Mark Standring

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