Saturday, February 28, 2015

1/5/15 FROHES NEUES JAAAAAAAAHR!!! & Delicious pastry

HAAAAPPPY NEW YEAAAR!!! --New Year's awesomeness!--

So for anyone who doesn't know, just in case, yes, New Year's is celebrated in Germany. They say:


or "frohes neues" for the hipsters/ for short.

We spent New Year's Eve (dinner) at a member's house who made pumpkin soup, bockwurst (think hot dogs), potato salad, with cakes and some nice drinks at the end. We had to get home by 6pm though, which wasn't all bad. We got a lot of sleep. In fact I didn't even wake up from all the racket at midnight. Elder Awerkamp had to tell me about it,because it woke him right up. Apparently I'm a heavy sleeper.

Other interesting things in my life lately, it's snowed a bit lately, which is pretty nice. This picture is of me eating some amazingly delicious German bakery goods. This particular one was filled with poppy seeds. And it actually was really good, despite what my expression may appear to be saying. haha.

I also got some new shoes. My two old pairs got together and decided to get holes on the exact same day somehow, but have no fear. I can once again walk undaunted through puddles and snow.

This week I went on a split in Siegen where there's even more snow nowadays and had the chance to teach a lot of people down there about the wonderful plan of happiness God made for his children before any of us were born. It kinda clicked for me why the celestial kingdom is the happiest place we could hope to get to. Aside from it being the place where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live, that's also the only place where families can live together forever, so naturally it would be the happiest place. I am so grateful to have been sealed to my family by one with God's Authority in his Temple.

~Elder Standring

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