Saturday, February 28, 2015

8/25/14 Zone Conference and release from Elder Quorum presidency calling--Purpose fulfille...Transfer coming up?

I LOVED the zone conference. I love that man, President Kearon. He is the most loving man I think I have ever met. He came to my Stake Conference back in California, and I was overjoyed to hear he was coming to our mission.
I'm looking on to see where I can find the rest of his conversion story.

This week I had a super split with the zone leaders just before the conference. We were also fasting for the conference. I'm not sure if it was more because of the split or more the power of the fasting, but I really really learned a lot from the spirit during that split, and, what I'm most happy about, I remembered something from back before I got to Germany. I remembered how much I actually enjoy talking with people. That's something that had really bothered me for a long time on my mission, because I noticed how different I was once I got to Germany. I suddenly didn't like talking to random people as much as I once had, and I wasn't sure why. (I suppose I saw the people of the country and judged that they didn't want to be friends, like back home) But I really felt a great change after that split and also learned a lot about the importance of repentance.

I was released by the stake president as the first counselor in the elders quorum... that was a sad and strange feeling... over the past couple weeks I've been having the growing impression/thought that I'm getting transferred, and I guess that was probably the meat of it. But this past week really a lot has happened, at least in the presidency. I took your advice and we've started to meet every other week as a presidency and just yesterday we started interviews during Sunday school and priesthood. I interviewed four brothers, so I felt really good about my efforts in that; helping the president. Also two Elders just got back from their missions in the past two weeks, (one of which was in the Santa Rosa mission) so that's likely one of who my replacement in the presidency will be. I feel... somehow like I've fulfilled my purpose here.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with training, because my golden is really very ambitious and likes to take more than his share, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to how raising kids will be, so I welcome the training on mypart. I'm really trying to stress to him the importance of study even when there's other things we could be doing outside.

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