Wednesday, February 25, 2015

11/11/13 Wallpapering, gardening, and baptismal plans!

Between answering people's mail messages individually and reading others, I have basically no time to write a mass email, which I guess is funny, because that's why I started doing a mass email in the first place, but....for news this week:
I learned how to put up Wall Paper for the first time.
We helped a widow with her Garden.
Some Elders in my district set a baptismal date with one of thier investigators,
We met with a family who haven't been to church in a couple months and it turns out they've just been super busy with work, so they came again this week. I think sometimes people just need to feel wanted. Plus they want us to teach their 8 year old son to help him get ready to be baptised!

yep, and I have to go,
love you all!
~Elder Mark Standring

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