Friday, February 27, 2015

7/28/14 and 8/4/14--Success in Cologne! And Elder Standring is District Leader now!

The Baptism was great! The Solingen Elders brought a less active member and we brought a member who needs strengthen. During the actual ordinance I felt a burning warmth within me that I havn't noticed as strongly at other baptisms. It was great!

On Tuesday and Wednesday before District Meeting, I did a split with Elder Hardman. It was really interesting and insightful to be able to do a split with a really good missionary just a week before he goes home. We went to a member's house for an appointment and had found out the previous night that the members actually had found a non member friend to invite the the meal per our request. After eating we shared a short message about faith and how our faith is confirmed through the spirit. It was a super, and the spirit was really strong. The members joined us in inviting their friend to learn more by coming to eat the next week with us there too and she accepted. Since then the friend has gotten sick in her home town Aachen (she studies and lives during the week in Wuppertal), so we've been praying for her and we'll make another appointment later.
Both my splits that I've had in Wuppertal with Elder Hardman have gone really really good. He's a really good missionary and is really helpful to me in being a Preach My Gospel missionary as well.

Elder Standring

8/4/14--The Lord has called me to serve as a district leader. Areas in my district are Cologne (Köln) with Elders and Sisters, Solingen with two sets of Elders, and we are in Wuppertal. Before I was called, the district leader was in Solingen, so it changes based on the Lord's needs. The District boundaries also change. For example, when I was being trained in Köln, the district areas were Köln with Elders and Sisters, Bonn/Euskirchen with Elders and Sisters, and Aachen with one set of Elders and the district leader was in Euskirchen. It is the responsibility of the district leader to interview baptismal condidates who are taught by missionaries in his district. Investigators taught by the district leader are interview by the zone leaders, or someone else assigned by the Mission President.

It took about a 45 minute train ride to get to Köln. And the bapstism was performed by the most recent convert in Köln, a blind man named Wolfgang.

~Love Elder Standring!

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