Saturday, February 28, 2015

9/15/14 Birthday thanks, Love my new city!

First off, my new address is as follows:

Elder Standring

23 Nervierstraße

Dortmund, 44263
 I LOVE my new city! It's great! It's awesome!

Our first day we we're calling around the ward to come with us to an appointment with a woman that the previous missionaries had made out for us. We didn't find anyone, so the appointment fell out until next week, but instead, one of the brothers we called up said he could use help in his garden that same day, so we helped him for about two hours.  |

The ward is really really friendly, and it seems like everybody else is too. I think I'm going to like it here a lot. There's also a total of six missionaries here, so there's a lot of work to be done. :)

The conference with Elder Ballard was really inspiring and some of the things he said were exactly what I needed like tips for when both missionaries are coming into a new area (like me and my companion, he's new to the city too) and about the atonement of Christ and inner strength.

~Elder Standring

OH, Oh yea!
I LOVE the tie you sent me!
I got it the day of transfers, and the card!

It's funny because just earlier that day I was telling some random guy that I liked his green tie because I don't think there's enough green ties in the world (it seems like people typically wear blues or reds or something. And then it turns out you sent me this beautiful dark green tie! (would probably work as a Slytherin tie as well) Thank you so much! 

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