Saturday, February 28, 2015

1/12/15 Week 2, Year 2. Hmm....fitting

This is how the next week is looking: tonight will be the Family Home Evening activity at the church to say bye to Elder James and the senior couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Vermillion, (the whole ward's supposed to come. I'll miss them, but it was cool that I got to be in the same district with Elder James at the end as well as in the beginning 2 years ago in the MTC), then probably the main focus of this week will be increasing our teaching pool. Last transfer's goal was to go from 4 to 10 friends of the church to teach and we were close, but two appointments each for two new friends didn't happen, so we hope we can meet with them this week. We also want this referral guy's phone to stop being off so we can see if he wants to make progress too. 
I decided, against my norm, to have a district meeting this tuesday even though Elder James and Elder Ellis have to pack to go on Thursday. I really really wanted to finally do something I've been wanting to ever since I've been a district leader, and I  finally had it ready to go, but there had to be a district meeting for it, so, that's why. Ya, so it worked out, I got the meeting's assignments for next week's meeting planned, with everyone having something to do, at the meeting before it happened, so a week early basically; all written out on pieces of paper to give to them. And, no, that shouldn't be that hard, but for whatever reason I didn't manage to do it until what should've been the last district meeting of my mission haha. I feel great about it, though.
Yep, so I'm gonna plan out the companion exchanges and try and figure something out for my zone leader's challenge to get a Vision for what I want this district to become, and that's how my week will go.

~Elder Standring

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