Saturday, February 28, 2015

1/26/15 African language Twi Book of Mormon, Contact asking for baptism,..Off to the Hauptbahnhof

We are going to give a woman a Book of Mormon in an African language called Twi at Hauptbahnhof soon, so I'll write something just really quick.

This past week there was a miracle experience. The other missionaries were walking through the city center when a man came up to them asking if they were the Mormon missionaries. When they said yes, he said he wants to be baptised! He said he's seen all the bad things escalating in the world and really feels like he should become christian. He used to live in England and had a friend there who was Mormon and was really impressed with him and had made the decision that's what God wants him to do! 

I've seen Christ work miracles and healings here in Germany and I know he lives, loves and helps us every day!

~Elder Mark Standring

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