Saturday, February 28, 2015

1/19/15...Glad to be given a short time more

Things are going well with me and Elder Awerkamp, we still haven't been able to set another baptismal date with anyone yet, but we keep being persistent and inviting everyone. Our main guy right now, from Ecuador, said last week that he feels closer to God when he comes to our Family Home Evening than he does at his church on Sundays, which is huge that he would feel that way, but that he would admit it to us as well! I believe he's going to have a date soon. One friend of ours from Cameroon started finals today, we schedule  bi-weekly appointments (twice a week) but we only actually get to meet maybe one out of every 4 times, so that's sad. I think he'd make it more of a priority if he came to church just once and felt the spirit there. He's about the only one that doesn't have a set conflicting commitment on Sundays. Our Ecuador guy plays music at his church so he hasn't come yet either. Another has his church services at the same time we do and is in their equivalent of the Young Men's presidency, and another has a jumping stilts club practice he feels very commited to. With the new transfer, half of my group are home by now, and I'm super glad the Lord has given me just a short time more. Of course I know I have to come home eventually, and I'll be overjoyed to see everyone again, but I love missionary life and serving and helping others with all the time I can. I'm going to be sending a package home with all my journals and books in it. Hopefully it will get home around the same time I do, but it will at least make the travel factor world's easier. It's a pretty big package, about 20 kg, so...45 pounds? Yes, it will make the flight a lot easier.
~Elder Standring

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