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10/13/14 Departure info already??!

They've likely sent this information to you already, but just in case they didn't.

Do you want to come to Germany?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 3:18 PM
Subject: 101-5M-Departure - Missionary



Deutschland Frankfurt Mission

Missionsbüro: Corneliusstr. 18, 60325 Frankfurt am Main,

01 Oct 2014

Elder Standring

                                                                Nervierstraße 23

                                                                Dortmund, NW 44263

Dear Elder Standring,

You will be completing your mission in a few months.  Your scheduled travel date is 27 Feb 2015, and you will stay in a hotel the night before and travel home the following day. We need some information to make arrangements for your travel home. Please complete the form below and email it to the Mission Office as soon as possible.

If you are planning to travel prior to your departure, you will be responsible for your travel itinerary.  Church Travel will reimburse you the value of transportation costs from Frankfurt to your home destination.  Of course, that will be at the Church's rate.

You have the opportunity to influence many more lives as you serve the next few months, so continue to work hard as you serve the Lord in Germany.


Elder Lynn BangerterMission Secretary, Germany Frankfurt MissionKirche Jesu ChristiCorneliusstraße 1860325 Frankfurt a. MainGermany/Deutschland+49-69-9706-4310 Mission

Missionary Release InformationEmail or Mail to Mission Office as soon as possible!Return to:

Missionary Return date:   27 Feb 2015


Personal email at home (not

Parents email address:

Name and city of destination airport/bahnhof:

Is your Aufenhaltstitel/Geistlichenausweis (residency permit) valid through your departure date?

Is your family coming to Germany to pick you up?

If so, how many are coming?

How many will attend the Temple Leavers Session?

--How many Elders?

--How many Sisters?

Will you be spending the night before you leave at the hotel provided by the mission with the other missionaries?

Do your parents need hotel reservations?(If so, we can provide them information on how to book their own reservation.)


Elder Lynn BangerterMission Secretary, Germany Frankfurt MissionKirche Jesu ChristiCorneliusstraße 1860325 Frankfurt a. MainGermany/Deutschland+49-69-9706-4310 Mission

Mark Standring


to meDad
When does the second block for Winter semester start?

L Standring


to Mark
Wow!!! Amazing that they already send you that travel date! Yes, I think we do want to come, but we'll investigate and get back to you soon....also I'll check on the BYU block for you! love you....Mom

L Standring


to Mark
    BYU Winter 2nd block starts Feb. 26th, but if we are going to tour around any places of your mission, that might be kind of hard to aim for that?...They also said there are very limited classes offered on the block, too. Spring Term starts April 28th and Summer starts June 22. Fall semester starts August 31st this year---that is earlier than usual. Kira is there, but I don't know if she is planning to come home for Spring and Summer--I would think yes, but not sure. She would probably love to be there with you at some point!
    I am going to go there this weekend for Homecoming for BYU and see a home game with the full half time show with the band and everything...(Last time on conference weekend, Dad and I went, but they didn't do their full regular half time show because they inducted people into the Sports Hall of Fame, so that took a lot of the half--mainly for a quarterback that was there most of the time while Dad and I were there, named Jim McMahon #9).   --Mom

L Standring


to Mark
    Oh, and not sure what the "temple leavers session" is, but if it's for people to go to the temple and if that is something that parents or families sometimes do also, that would be great--we would just need to know when that would occur to coordinate into the time schedule. Probably just Dad and I would be the ones there, because I don't know if the others could get off of school. etc. If they have hotel information or if they could have us stay near the missionaries or whatever they typically work out, that would be great if they can get us that information they mentioned in that questionnaire they had in this message to you.  You can stay with the missionaries the night before you go and we can stay where they recommend. The airport for you would be Crescent City.  Dad wondered if we can just have them book your flight, but like a week after it would usually be or something so we can look around at places with you...?  --Love, Mom

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