Tuesday, February 24, 2015

9/9/13--District Leader duties, birthday call, Darmstadt street address.....

Hey, so I got transferred to be a district leader in Darmstadt, Germany.
Funny story story about that, I was doing Call-In's on Sunday, but I didn't really know what I was supposed to do, so I called people up and talked about their weeks and got their numbers. Kinda in the middle of that though, the Zone Leaders called and said they really needed my numbers, so I called some missionaries who hadn't texted me their numbers yet and did quick call-in's with them, and sent a huge text to the zone leaders with everybody's numbers for the week. The Zone Leader called me back a little later and told me that he actually only needed my numbers and that I didn't need to send him my district's numbers as well because they send theirs directly to him... Ah.
Cool, my bad haha.
I'm loving it here though, and I have a great companion named Elder Parkinson, and a super sweet apartment. Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it.
My first district meeting and split are tomorrow, so hopefully those go a little better the first time! :)
~Elder Mark Standring

And...My birthday went really really well. I woke up when the wife of my mission president called me and wished me a happy birthday in German, and a couple other missionary friends of mine as well, but in English. Then I did a little birthday shopping after getting my hair cut (it was my last day in Köln). Then I went to visit the Manzke's and we had a birthday/going away party because that was also my last day in Cologne. I really like that family because I get to practice my Spanish with them, and there's so many of the brothers who already speak Spanish, I think it would be really neat if I could speak Spanish with them by the time I get back. (and German with Dad).

Address here:  

Elder Mark Standring
Gagernstrasse 10
64283, Darmstadt

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