Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4/29/13--Chalking & Talking and district photo!

We did Chalking again in Euskirchen. Apparently someone in our district had a really deprived childhood and didn't get enough drawing on the sidewalk in while they were growing up, haha. It's actually a really effective missionary tool, and people often will ask why people in fancy clothing are drawing on sidewalks, then that leads right in to why we're here and what we're doing. Good to Go. Bytheway, the last time we did it and we had to clean it up, it was in Leverkusen, home of the awesome soccer team Bayer-Leverkusen. There's been a couple games since I've been here, and you always know when, because EVERYbody by the trains are whereing the team colors as they ride off away to some stadium somewhere. Usually it's red, because both Bayer-Leverkusen and FC Köln are red, I'm pretty sure.

Oh yeah, Transfers were this week, (every 6 weeks) so we had this huge conference call with the whole mission, where President Schwarz and the Assistants read off where everybody's going. Actually, everyone in my district is staying (we think. there's another "just-in-case" conference call on Thursday), but for our last District Meeting of this cycle/transfer we had a special activity almost like a testimony meeting, but not, and we took a District Picture. For the Activity we each thought of three sincere compliments for the other nine missionaries in the district, and we took turns one by one hearing basically whatever everybody likes about us. It was really strengthening for people who are having a hard time, and I think it helped us unite together better as a district.

I love you all, keep on keeping on, and remember all the rich blessings that God has given us--
~Elder Mark Standring

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