Wednesday, February 25, 2015

9/23/13 A German Elder joins up! Plus trying out making Spring Rolls

Thanks so much for all the fotos! 
I can't put them on my card yet so I can print them out later, but I have some really cool news.
I got called by the Assistants this last week asking us if we had an extra bed, then the next day they called and said that they were sending some Elders down to meet us with a German Elder waiting on his visa. His name is Elder Freitag and he arrived about an hour after they called. Haha, it's been really cool to have a real German around to talk to, and it's given me a huge view into what German culture actually is.

Also, we visited a recent convert from The Philippines this week and he taught us how to make lumpias or spring rolls, so we'll be trying those out.

We were supposed to be having a baptism this next week, but the guy, who's American, started coaching basketball on Sundays, so we'll have to talk to him about that again. There will be a baptism anyway for the other elders in Darmstadt. One of those elders was on the baseball team with Elder Stacey, and went to the same high school as my golden, so it's cool to work with him!
Love you Bye!
Elder Standring

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