Friday, February 27, 2015

6/30/14 Singing for the Mission President and his Wife & giving away Books of Mormon...

Hey! "Miracles!"

This week was great, I went on split with Elders in my district, and the zone leaders, and the zone conference for President Schwartz's going away. It was great. Sister Schwartz's favorite hymn is "If you could Hie to Kolob" so an Elder changed the lyrics and translated them into German for our going away song to them both, it was beautiful, they loved it!

There were a couple really cool things that happened but I can only only take a couple minutes more. There was a kid we talked to on the schwebebahn, but he had to get off, then he showed up later at the same stop we were at later, and then he wanted a Book of Mormon! Then there was a guy who just showed up at church yesterday and nobody knew him, so we talked to him, explained a little bit. It turned out he'd already referred himself on Thursday and come to us, instead of vice versa, so we gave and invited him to read the Book of Mormon and set up an appointment for him to learn more!

love, love, love to you all
~Elder Standring

[P.S. From family: "We had talked to President Schwartz on the phone when we were in Germany, and we had hoped to get to meet him when we were there, but it was Easter and he was away, and we didn't get back to the area with the timing right to meet him this time around, but he said we should come back when you are done, if we can, and he would like to meet us then, because I guess he is from the local area there, or not too far, and he could still arrange to meet with us, if we come back at the end of your mission. That would be cool, don't you think? :)"  Answer: "Yes, I'd really like to do that at the end, he lives in Feucht, in Bavaria. And I was in the big group that sang it. 30 missionaries, our zone."

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