Friday, February 27, 2015

5/12/14 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Video calling to the family!!

Flower picture from Germany! (Along with singing of a Primary song by Elder Standring on the video call to Mom!)

It was super great getting to talk to my family on Mother's Day, I love you guys! I was a little worried at first because the microphone was acting up, but we figured it out enough so that we could hear each other.

Mother's Day was actually just a great day in general, it was a good week too! We started this week with 6 referrals to people who would like to hear from the missionaries, and by the end of this week we've started teaching 3 new people. One family we talked to, we invited to take the lessons, but they still haven't said yes or no, so we're praying that they will recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Elder Möller's mother has a really great recipe for cookies, and so we've been baking loads and loads and taking them to appointments with us for people. Sometimes I think people just need a good pick me up, and it really changes someone's mood to know somebody thought of them and put effort into doing something for them. There was an old man and women in the ward who we hadn't been able to visit because the wife is bedridden by sickness, so normally their hometeachers have to schedule appointments long in advance, but we backed up cookies and brought them over an a holiday and he said through the call box "Oh, you brought cookies? Come on up!" haha, in German of course.

These past two weeks have been really good. For anyone who wants the recipe, Elder Möller's said it's okay if I share it, so just let me know. :)

~Elder Standring

[P.S. Response from Elder Standring upon news that his family's home had a broken water line and a "flood" while they were away on the Europe trip and had to stay in a hotel for awhile upon their return:  "Wow...that's amazing that nothing super important got wet....Wow, yea, so that's really good...Sounds like more than enough to be busy and worried with, but I hope everybody is making it okay without a home at the moment. That's like Alma the Older when he was taking his people through the wilderness to escape King Noah and was found by a Lamanite army. They started with no home whatsoever, not even a broken one, but they still tried their best to perform their duties with faith and gladness, and not too long later, their burdens were eased, because of their prayers, and they were also eventually delivered completely."]

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