Thursday, February 26, 2015

1/4/14 Elders passed their New Year's Cleaning Inspection!

[This message was from the couple that does the apartment cleaning inspections:]

"My wife and I recently did the regular, required cleanliness check of the two elders' apartments in our district.  They passed!

Attached is a photo of them at the conclusion of the check.  The two sets of elders happened to be on "splits" when we checked their apartments, so they're not standing with their regular companion.  Thus, I'm including the second photo so you can have a glimpse of their regular companion.

Also, on Christmas morning we delivered "santa" stockings to each of the young missionaries in our district.  We caught Elders Standring and Lovelace still in their "jammies" as the other two photos will prove. [See Christmas post for the photo of stockings and jammies!] Thought you'd enjoy seeing them, too!   Enjoy!    : )


Elder and Sister Clement"

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