Monday, February 16, 2015

4-29-2013 Activities and scenes

Koln Cathedral from other side of the river.

There was a couple from our ward who got married last week in the Frankfurt temple. We knew the mom was having a real stressful time planning everything, and that she needed help, so we volunteered ourselves and ended up washing a whole lot of dishes. It was actually really fun, and there was a lot of really German food there, lots of sliced meats, cheeses, weird salads, and potato dishes.

Earlier this week we learned a very valuable lesson: Never put your fresh baked bread in the slicer machine while it's still warm. We thought we were getting a great deal because the bread smelled so good and it was so so so fresh, so we tried to get as soon as we could, but basically the bread was so soft on the inside that it stuck to the blade and basically got destroyed. However....we couldn't just throw it away either. So we took it home... and we didn't realize how bad the damage was until we tried to make sandwiches...They're like that name, Poor-man Burgers, that one missionary gave burgers that are made with bread instead of buns, except these were Poor-Man Sandwiches because we couldn't afford the inside of the loaf!

I also got a package from Grandma Standring!!!
Tell her Thanks So Much! The second picture of it only had two cookies, because I didn't calm down and think to take a picture until they were mostly already gone. Whoops!

I think I already told about the Manzke family, and how  they have us over every Monday almost for Family Home Evening. This last week was Sister Manzke's birthday and on that Monday the weather was nice enough that we could grill some food outside. The 3 kids were inside getting some bread or something.
The picture of the man sitting is the first train conductor I ever saw... He had a pretty sweet sitting position too. After I thought about it, I realized these guys drive trains all day, and they have the job their whole life...SO they have a whole lot of time to find the most comfortable and styling ways to sit on a train. Watch and Learn.

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