Saturday, February 28, 2015

12/22/14 Busy with FHE, Secret Santa, He is the Gift, Christmas Markt, Google Hangout, English Classes & Volleyball

So tonight will be FHE like normal, I think the other Elders are doing the lesson, and hopefully we can do a lesson with Leo, from Ecuador, before or after. Tuesday will be District Meeting. It will be special because we're going to do a secret santa gift exchange, and then we're going caroling after we follow-up and talk about how we're going to organize our proselyting efforts using the He is the Gift (Er ist das Geschenk) cards and video. Do you know about those? Have you used them? It's supposed to be all over youtube, although I haven't been able to check for sure since we don't use Youtube in our proselyting. Then after district meeting we're going to spend pretty much the rest of the day in Stadtmitte (down town/city center) where the Christmas markt is. We set a time to meet a young man there at 12, so hopefully he'll want to learn more, then we'll eat lunch and dinner there, and in between we want to talk to people and give away as many He is the Gift cards as we can!  Then Wednesday is Christmas Eve. We're either going to go over to Leo's Wednesday or Thursday at midday to enjoy some time with him, and then on actual Christmas Eve, we were invited over by a young member family who lives outside of Dortmund in Lünen. Christmas day- evening we'll be going to the Nabrotzky's to call home (google hangout), and then the second day of German Christmas (Friday the 26th) all three sets of Elders were invited over by an English sister who lives about a 5 minute walk away from us. Saturday, I'll probably want to do a split, since I haven't done any this transfer yet, and I'm supposed to do one with every Elder in my district, ever transfer (six weeks long), so we'll a couple two-split weeks to catch up. Saturday we also want to start a weekly volleyball activity, since it's getting a little cold to do soccer outside (no snow on the ground yet, although it did snow once. It's been a raining a bit more often and a bit windy sometimes) and we also want to do our English class on that day, since we normally do it on Wednesday, but I'll be seeing YOU then! and then Sunday will be Church. :)

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