Friday, February 27, 2015

6/23/14 Missionary "Family Reunion" at station, and I'm a great-grandfather!

So I picked up my Golden from Frankfurt on Thursday. His name is Elder Tischner and he's awesome! This is the third time I'll be training, but every time's different, so I'm really excited. While we were in Frankfurt waiting for our train back, I noticed how many familiar faces I saw there, and how many were from my "missionary family", so we got together and took a couple pictures. A missionary family is consisted of missionaries training new missionaries, who are then called fathers and sons. It was a crazy transfer just because a missionary I trained is training this transfer, and the missionary that he just got done training is also training a brand new missionary this transfer. It doesn't actually mean much, but it's just fun to think about.

as they say in Germany:

Liebe Grüße,
~Elder Mark Standring

[ Question:  So that makes you like a great-grandfather? :) Answer:  yep :) :)  ]

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