Friday, February 27, 2015

8/25/14 Fun with Vacuums!...and a Batman & Superman story!

There was a member who asked us to vacuum the chapel for them during their week since they were going to be gone on vacation. So we said "kein Problem" and agreed to do it. We showed up at the church on a friday ready to rock  and roll, but we walk into to the chapel and find it has the appearance of already being vacuumed. Curious. We called up the member and her husband didn't know, so we talked to his wife and she said "Ach nay!" Haha, it was actually the next week that was their week to vacuum. So.... since we already had the vacuums out ready to go and everything, we made the best of the moment and took a couple pictures. :)

also, this story appeared in our Zone Newsletter (written by an Elder):
Meanwhile in Wuppertal...
Batman and Superman were on their way to visit a Member's house when suddenly she opened the door and declared to them that her husband was not at home and that the heroes should return momentarily. The DC men bade her to call God for them and ask for His help as they then went to go by on a less-active member of the congregation. Before kicking in the door, they chanced upon two men speaking an alien language. Suspecting an invasion, the two members of the Justice League inquired as to what tongue they were using. Recognizing the comic book faces, one of them began to relay information he had received through an espionage device known to mankind as „Wikipedia.“ Our heroes silenced them with the words of Mormon and the creature committed to meeting with them another time for closer interrogation. The Lord had answered the woman's call!

~El / Der Standring

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