Friday, February 27, 2015

8/18/14 Awesome Week!

I had an awesome week!

There was a double baptism in Düsseldorf, so we went and brought two recent converts with us (one from the Cologne ward). Both of the women who got baptised are young single adults, so a whole big group of under 30 aged single adults from institute came and sang for them and were really really friendly. That was also really good for the recent converts that we brought with us.

During a companion exchange in Cologne we invited to people both named Daniel to be baptised and we made out appointments to meet agian. On Sunday after church one of them set a date to get baptised on September 6th.

This coming wednesday we're having a Zone Conference in Düsseldorf with the Dortmund zone. Elder Kearon of the Area Presidency is coming, so I'm really excited to hear from him. He visited us once in Northern California, and I remember hi being just a very very loving man. I'm really looking forward to that.

~Elder Mark Standring

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