Tuesday, February 24, 2015

8/19/13--Elder Standring's recommendations for his siblings attending BYU's Education Week

My absolute favorite Education Week Speaker is
Scott L. Anderson.
His talks are always very good, and I have always felt the spirit in them very strong. He is also very funny and served his mission in Germany.
Obviously John Bytheway and Hank Smith are both very funny and not without worth.
Barbara Jones is pretty funny
David Christensen is a great speaker. He's always reminded me of Yoda, :) and he's very bold. He says things how they are, or should be.
I have a few notebooks back home that I wish I could look through to see what other speakers I like.

As a general rule, most the youth speakers are very good, who speak in the Smith Field House/Conference Center (although there have been a couple weirdies). And whatever topic it is, if it is given by a very good speaker, it doesn't matter, it will be good and I always take something valuable away from it, sometimes even if it is a repeat.....

Some I don't like I whole lot were some youth speakers Vicki someone, some guy Schmidt, and Brad Wilcox is a good speaker, but sometimes I think he's a little too silly (he's worth going to at least once though) .
Hope that helps, tell Daniel (and Kira) from me that Education Week is always TONS more fun and memorable and enjoyable and I learn more, and everything, when.... You. Make. Friends.

같However, that doesn't mean you have to make everybody your friend. Just try to :) 같
Be social. Talk to people. Write down their names otherwise you'll forget their names by the next time you see them tomorrow. And bring cool stickers to put on your name tag and trade with people.

...And bring sunglasses, and water bottles...

I Love you all!
~ Elder Mark Standring 

8/26/13 [additional note]--For my study journal, I've started using small notebooks so that way I can take it with me sometimes if I write down something really important (and it has to be small-shish since we don't use backpacks anymore), but yes, for my journal that I write in at night, I do use the "Missionary Journal" that you gave me. I like it very much because of the removable leaves.

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