Saturday, February 21, 2015

6/17/13--Lesson in the park & Answer to prayers!

My Golden is awesome! Elder Hawker is so ready to work and to testify and talk to random people on the street I love it! We taught a lesson to a family in the park. That was the first time for me that I had taught a lesson that wasn't planned! Elder Hawker tries so hard and is so bold and I learn so much from those parts of him. I've been praying so hard for Heavenly Father to loosen my tongue, open my mouth, and speak to and teach these people through me, so I believe I can take this as His answer. It makes sense that He would provide me with a way to learn rather than just magically flipping a switch one day and I would wake up a changed missionary. I'm am so excited for the work we are going to do. We had a coordination meeting with the sisters last week and decided our focus for this transfer, or the next two transfers will be JAE [Young Singles] Member work. However, I think if we really do work to activate inactives that the Lord will lead us to His prepared elect along the way.

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