Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jan./Feb. 2015 Fuzzy socks, hard work and prayer

Yes, I got your Christmas package!
Thanks so much! I wear the green and red fuzzy socks every morning!
Thanks for all your prayers and love and pictures, they all really help and I'm determined to work harder than ever before. I've been fasting for Heavenly Father to help gain a testimony of Hard Work paying off, because before in my life I can only think of about one experience where I could see a very positive difference from a greatly increased amount of work into something. Everything else seems to have come so easily where minimal actual exertion/"normal" has been good enough. It was my first semester at BYU in the American Heritage class. I had a mediocre grade in the class which had mostly been made up of previous small tests and essays. For the last big final, I studied more than I've ever studied for anything ever, much much more than my normal 1-4 hours or so of cramming a couple days or hours before the test. I studied all day for three days, more than 12 hours total of studying with a good study group at the library and with Travis Stacey together at home. Then I got the best test score of anyone I've still ever heard of from that test in that semester. I did so good that they even thought I cheated, with a 94%. (The professor of the class called and asked to talk to me in his office and asked me what I'd done to study. I thought it was because they wanted me to become a teacher's assistant for the class, but then I could tell he wasn't happy and he sounded suspicious of my score for whatever reason.
Of course I didn't cheat, so I told him very openly what it was I did to study and then that was it. He talked to Travis Stacey too because we'd studied together.) I want my mission to be like that. The Lord deserves that kind of consecrated effort that I've kept in store for these two years, just for Him, and His children who He loves.

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